Substance Abuse

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We Treat Substance Abuse at WD Recovery and Wellness Center

The Native American community faces disproportionately high rates of drug and substance addiction, mental health disorders, and suicide cases, despite constituting a small percentage of the overall population.

Given the unique spiritual and cultural beliefs of Native Americans, as well as their history of extensive trauma, it is crucial to approach their drug rehabilitation and health interventions with careful consideration.

In order to provide Native Americans with effective and lasting recovery, it is essential to fully understand their specific needs and cultural approach.

There are several key factors to consider when addressing the needs of Native Americans. These include the prevalence of interracial violence, social stereotypes, poverty, drug overdose, addiction, and substance abuse within their communities.

The path to recovery for Native Americans facing drug and substance addiction is a multifaceted journey, marked by powerful cravings and intrusive thoughts that can be difficult to overcome. The relentless pursuit and consumption of drugs and alcohol, despite the profound negative impact on their lives, exemplify the complex nature of this problem. Such substance abuse disrupts various dimensions of an individual’s existence, necessitating a comprehensive approach to treatment that acknowledges its intricacies.

Symptoms you may have:

  • Using the substance in larger amounts, or for longer, than was intended.

  • Planning to smoke, relax, or get high for a couple hours, but you spend more time getting high than you originally intended.

  • Make attempts to reduce, cut down, or stop drug use, but not being able to do so.

  • Spending time searching, obtaining, and getting high.

  • Recovering times are longer from using the substance.

  • Investing substantial time and money obtaining your drugs.

  • Struggle with the cravings or urges to use the substance.

  • Missing work, not completing tasks on time, increased forgetfulness, tardiness, frequent hangovers.

  • Relationship and social problems.

  • Increased isolation and loneliness.

  • Chasing the high using more drugs.

  • Experiencing dope sickness or withdrawal.

  • WD Recovery and Wellness Center understands how the path to drug addiction begins with the thoughts to take drugs so you can quiet the brain “feel better”. The substances numb your pain or bad feelings.

Prescription Opioid Deaths Alcohol Deaths Benzodiazepine Deaths Cocaine Deaths Fentanyl Deaths
2008 289 280 175 48 157 25
2009 360 251 162 52 162 27
2010 238 311 160 58 135 39
2011 247 342 161 68 148 26
2012 392 311 195 73 153 29
2013 464 316 238 69 154 58
2014 578 330 270 103 198 186
2015 748 351 310 91 221 340
2016 1212 418 582 126 463 1119

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